An implementation of Go-Links, written in Kotlin

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KotLink - Browser Extension

Chrome / Chromium

Supported via Browser Extension


Supported via Browser Extension


To use KotLink with Vivaldi perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings / Privacy and enable “Search Suggestions in Address Field”.
  2. Go to Settings / Search and make sure “Allow Search Suggestions” is checked for “In Address Field”.
  3. Also in Settings / Search, add a new search engine where:
    • Name is KotLink
    • Nickname is kk
    • URL is http://YOUR_SERVER_ADDRESS/api/link/redirect?link=%s
    • Suggest URL is http://YOUR_SERVER_ADDRESS/api/link/suggest?link=%s&mode=opensearch&secret=YOUR_SECRET

Please, make sure to replace YOUR_SERVER_ADDRESS and YOUR_SECRET in the aforementioned URLs with your actual data.


It used to be possible to get partial support via Safari Omnikey, but since Safari 13 it does not seem to function anymore.

KotLink extension (for both Chrome and FireFox) requires some configuration before it can be used. Namely, there are two options that need to be set:

Extension Options

To access the extension options (as shown above):